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Link: — massively multiplayer online scrabble

Link: Installation made of 100 million hand-made porcelain sunflower seed husks

You could probably get a similar, stinkier effect with the real thing by just sweeping out the floor of a ballpark for a season.

Link: 111 Archer Ave.

Max Dalton - The Royal Tenenbaums

Link: Artonics 1.0

My second app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad was just released to the App Store today. This is a collaboration between me and Gordon Clyne, who I worked with at Mirra, back in the day.

Buy it! Try it out! Let me know what you think and leave a good review!

Link: The Rules


1. Have talent. (Talent is not when your friends tell you they love your work, but when people who don’t like you have to admit it’s good.)

2. Understand how the world works. (Not just globally, but on a macro level. Understand what people need and don’t need. Understand when to approach people and when not to. Develop social skills.)

3. Choose good friends. (There’s nothing like an effective network.)

4. Be modern. (Don’t do anything that looks like it’s someone else’s work. Stay on top of technology. Engage on multiple platforms.)

Link: An Industrial Standing Desk

I made a desk out of steel pipe and plywood.

Link: Artonics

Link: Artisanal Pencil Sharpening

Link: Online Dating is a Parody of Itself

I got an email and wrote this about it.

Link: Ask HN: Who here struck out on their own without a plan?